Which types of insurance might you need for your business?

Public liability insurance protects you against claims for compensation from people outside your business who have suffered an injury or whose property has been damaged because of your business.

If you come into contact with members of the public, customers or not, no matter where this interaction takes place P F Spare suggest that you consider letting us provide you with a public liability insurance quote.

If you have employees, full-time or not, you must purchase employers’ liability insurance – if you don’t you are breaking the law. Any employee injured or becoming ill as a result of their work may seek compensation from you. Employers’ liability cover can pay for this compensation as well legal expenses incurred.

What would happen if your business equipment or stock was destroyed, lost or stolen? Property insurance can protect your business building and assets.

We recommend you also consider business interruption insurance. If your property is destroyed, stolen or damaged, this can cover the money you lose as a result.

As a professional, you are using your expertise and knowledge to advise and assist your customers. If you make a mistake or don’t complete a piece of work in time, causing your client to lose money, they might claim for compensation. Even if you don’t think it’s your fault, professional indemnity insurance can protect your business by paying for any compensation awarded as well as legal costs incurred.

Although there is plenty to consider, at P F Spare we have been working with businesses small and large for many years and we will take the time to understand your precise needs to make sure you are can grow your business safe in the knowledge you are well-protected.

Need cover instantly?

We have teamed up with our partners at Professional Insurance Agents Limited to create NiceQuote, the online solution for your commercial insurance needs. Offering many different types of commercial insurance for a wide range of businesses, all you need do is click on the link below. Upon clicking on this link you will be taken to the NiceQuote website where you will be able to get a quote and buy your business insurance instantly. If you need more information prior to purchasing your business insurance, we invite you to contact us directly.

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