Anyone Home?

With many shoppers awash with bargain purchases from Black Friday and the festive season now upon us, our local police force, Leicestershire Police, have issued a timely guide as to how to protect your home and belongings from burglars.

  • Keep doors and windows locked at all times- even if you pop outside to the garden or go upstairs
  • Always lock doors behind you and remove the key from the lock
  • Keep valuables, bags, cash and keys out of sight and keep them in a safe place
  • Don’t leave the packaging from expensive items outside your house – take it to be recycled or put it in the bin
  • Install a visible alarm system and security lighting to act as a deterrent
  • Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home with locked gates or fencing
  • Make sure your home looks occupied by using automatic timer switches to turn on a light when it goes dark, even if you are out for just a couple of hours
  • If you’re going away, don’t advertise it on social media
  • Ask a neighbour or relative if they could collect post and open and close curtains while you are away
  • Importantly, make sure that your buildings and contents are fully insured by talking to us about a home insurance quote.