Avoiding a Wardobe Malfunction

Allianz’s research into the nation’s wardrobe contents highlights just how important home insurance can be for you.

The contents of your wardrobes are worth an eye-watering £38.5 billion according to the insurer’s ‘Britain’s cost of a wardrobe’ report. The report looked at the nation’s shopping habits and found that the average wardrobe is worth £769. Women value their wardrobes at £856 compared to £677 for men.

A growing obsession with fashion and the desire to look good means that we spend an average £63 per shopping trip, hitting the shops once a fortnight, with men and women splashing out almost the same (£61 and £64 respectively). The average shop – online or on the high street – lasts 70 minutes.
Indeed, more than a quarter of Brits admit to clothes choices being influenced by celebrities.

Jackets and coats tend to be the most valued item of clothing for one in five with the average value of the most expensive item in the wardrobe being £165. This most valued item is kept in a dustbag by nearly one in five and four per cent simply don’t wear it at all!

If you’ve been growing your wardrobe over the last few years then you will need to make sure that your home contents insurance keeps pace with that growth. With a comprehensive range of home buildings and / or contents insurance policies available from a wide range of insurers, contact P F Spare Insurance Brokers today for a free, no obligation home insurance quote.