Aviva reveals Most Iconic Gadgets from the last Thirty Years

One of P F Spare Insurance Brokers’ panel insurers, Aviva, has taken a trip down memory lane to reveal some of the most iconic inventions of the last few decades.

A nostalgic poll of 2,000 UK adults reveals the most iconic gadget of the 80s as the personal stereo, while the laptop takes the title for the 90s. The need to be constantly connected is clear amongst today’s innovations, with smart phones being named as the most iconic invention of the 2000s.

Stephen Pond MD of Aviva Prevention & Services says: “The way we live our lives has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Many of the items which were cutting edge in the 80s would be unrecognisable to some of today’s youngsters! The way we do things may have changed but a lot of the overall trends are actually very similar. Video recorders have been replaced by TV on demand, while the personal stereo evolved into the portable CD player, then the MP3 player and now the mobile phone.

When asked which innovations people would like to make their home lives easier, the most popular devices related to home security. Aviva reveals the most-wanted devices to help with home monitoring as:

1. A home security system connected to your phone
2. An app to offer 360 degree surveillance of your home in your absence
3. An app to monitor the energy out-put of your home
4. An app / device to check all your sockets are turned off
5. An app to control the lights in your house

Many of these devices protect your home and indeed your pocket – purchasing home insurance from P F Spare Insurance Brokers in the traditional way can produce the same result! Contact us today for a quote.