Cold Weather on its Way – Advice for Motorists

With temperatures set to drop over the next few days and a forecast of snow and ice, P F Spare Insurance Brokers is pleased to share with our readers the latest guidance from Liverpool Victoria, one of the insurers whose car insurance is available through our office.

Although not an exhaustive list, with cooler climes fast approaching then hopefully you’ll find one or two hints and tips below which help you navigate through what are inevitably more difficult driving conditions such weather brings.

Car maintenance

  • Give your car a general once-over before travelling – make sure that windscreens, lights and mirrors are clean and that brakes and door locks are in good working order
  • Check the tyres – the tyre pressure and treads, and check the whole tyre for any splits (don’t forget to check the spare tyre for these things too)
  • If your car struggles to start, use the ignition in short five second bursts, leaving thirty seconds between attempts for the battery to recover
  • Check your insurance beforehand to make sure that you, any other drivers, your car and your belongings are adequately covered
  • Keep some de-icer in your home or garage. Your car doors may freeze up from the cold weather so having de-icer in the car won’t be helpful if you can’t get into it
  • Antifreeze can help prevent your engine from freezing up but check your car’s handbook for advice before using this in your coolant system

Inside the car

  • Plan your journey – and have a printout of your route (sat navs and phones can break)
  • Depending on your destination and weather conditions, make sure you have plenty of screen wash (and the right strength so it doesn’t freeze in the bottle), a torch, a high vis jacket and a warning triangle
  • Make sure that your emergency contact details, insurance and road rescue information are handy in the car in case of an emergency
  • Keep blankets and food/water in the car in case of an emergency that means you have to stay in your car
  • Keep a first aid kit in the boot and make sure it’s fully stocked ahead of any journeys
  • Make sure you have a fully charged phone in case of an emergency (possibly bring a car charger too)

At this time of year, in particular, the peace of mind breakdown insurance brings is all the more keenly felt. P F Spare offers breakdown insurance from just £65 so why not give us a call and let us provide you with car and breakdown insurance quotes today.