Weather Warning for the Weekend of 5 and 6 December

Ageas, an insurer which provides home insurance for brokers such as P F Spare Insurance Brokers, have released the followng announcement which we felt it important to share with our customers.

South westerly gales are expected to affect much of the country during Saturday, easing during the first part of Sunday. This may result in some branches or trees being brought down.

Working in partnership with WeatherNet Limited, Ageas is the only UK insurer licensed to share these reports with brokers for us to, in turn, share with you.

Ageas has complemented this announcement with some handy tips to make sure you are prepared:

  • Ensure any debris is removed from outside and that any loose items are secured or stored inside.
  • Make sure that all windows and doors are shut, and locked where possible.
  • Secure your car in a garage (if possible), but at the very least park it away from any objects including trees that may fall and damage it.
  • Organise where your family and any pets will be during the expected storm time, to ensure everyone is safe.
    Storms can result in power cuts, so make a storm kit which includes torches, necessary medication, food, water and blankets etc.
  • Depending on the severity of the winds, the post-storm clean-up can vary from small to large repairs and even once it has passed there are still additional precautions you can take:

  • Avoid standing near walls, buildings and trees that may be prone to collapse following the storm.
  • Be aware of any loose electrical wires and cables that may have been damaged. Leave these for a professional to fix.
  • Contact your insurance company immediately if you think you need to make a claim.
  • If your home insurance is approaching renewal, contact P F Spare Insurance Brokers and see if we can’t better your existing rate with the added bonus of award-winning broker service.