Motorists: Don’t Leave the Light On

New research from LV=, underwriters of Highway Insurance and ABC Insurance, reveals that rising numbers of drivers (827,000 in 2014) are breaking down by continuing to drive after their fuel light comes on.

This is supported by LV= claims data, which shows that the number of motorists breaking down as a result of running out of fuel has risen year on year since 2011, as drivers ‘gamble’ on covering extra miles with their fuel light on.

Some more surprising numbers from LV=: more than two million motorists admit driving with the warning light on almost constantly. A million motorists admit that they tend to either ignore the fuel light or don’t notice it is on. The focus of their attention can be avoiding traffic jams, concentrating heavy rain or (not) getting lost.

Although many motorists do notice the warning light, a significant proportion overestimate how much fuel they have left in the tank, 24% believing they can drive for more than 40 miles after the light has illuminated. Unfortunately, this is not often the case.

Apart from the obvious inconvenience for the motorist and other road users in the event of a breakdown, damage to the vehicle’s engine is a real possibility. A driver can also be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for a parking violation in certain locations if it is adjudged that the event (i.e. running out of petrol) is foreseeable.

Although P F Spare Insurance Brokers can arrange breakdown cover starting from just £65, we encourage drivers not to run the risk of running out of fuel. Any potential savings made through the lighter fuel load are far outweighed by the cost and inconvenience of running dry. When you notice the fuel light on, don’t leave it too late!