P F Spare Insurance Brokers’ Principal Claims National Prize

Press Release

P F Spare Insurance Brokers(1) is pleased to announce that Sam Spare has been awarded the prestigious Catlin Award for Excellence in Claims Practice Prize for 2015.

The National Prize, awarded annually, is given to the candidate who is adjudged to have passed the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII)(2) Claims Practice examination (P85) with the greatest merit.

After securing a place on Allianz’s award winning Scholarship Programme, Sam then sat four in-depth CII examinations (Claims Practice, Insurance Law, Insurance Business and Finance and Personal Insurances) over the space of eighteen months. In each examination Sam recorded a ‘Pass – with Distinction’, awarded to only the highest achieving candidates throughout the country.

Speaking after receiving notification of the award from the CII, Sam commented:

“The award came as quite a surprise. Given the large number of entries for these exams each year and the difficulty in securing a “pass” (4), I am very pleased to have received such recognition.

As the principal of P F Spare Insurance Brokers, my late father (Robert Spare) placed great emphasis on the value of knowledge and learning. This ethos is one I am committed to continuing as we aim to provide the highest level of service to our personal and commercial customers.

I am well aware that, for many, the real test of the value of insurance comes when they need to make a claim so to have received a National Prize in this important area of our work is particularly pleasing.

Last, but not least, I must express my thanks to Allianz for the invaluable support I have received as a result of being part of the Scholarship Programme.”


Notes to Editors

(1) Established in 1962, P F Spare Insurance Brokers is a family business employing an experienced team of staff able to arrange a wide array of covers ranging from personal insurances, such as motor, home and travel, to commercial insurances across many industries and professions. Photos available on request.

(2) The CII is the world’s leading professional organisation for insurance and financial services. Its over 115,000 members are committed to maintaining the highest standards of technical competence and ethical conduct.

(3) Allianz has developed the award-winning Allianz Scholarship Programme for Commercial and Personal Lines which supports Brokers to achieve the CII Diploma in Insurance in eighteen months. As well as expert-led workshops, further support is provided by a dedicated LinkedIn forum and the CII’s RevisionMate tool. Scholars are also able to attend networking events with the Allianz executive team and industry peers.

(4) P85 Claims Practice 2014 Pass Rate: 51.69%; P05 Insurance Law 2014 Pass Rate: 51.49%; P92 Insurance Business and Finance 2014 Pass Rate: 49.73%; P86 Personal Insurances 2014 Pass Rate: 54.09%. For each unit, the number of candidates who achieved a pass grade or above during the year is divided by the number who sat during the year and this number is expressed as a percentage.


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