Microcar M.GO

Small and lightweight, the Microcar M.GO, the culmination of twenty five years’ design experience, was designed to create a balance of style, size, and safety.

Available in either four seat or two seat versions across four model grades, the M.GO, easily accessible through wide entry doors, is intended to be spacious internally for a car of its size and dedicated to driving comfort. Safety comes from a rigid aluminium safety shell and front engine tubular steel frame. Modern engineering features include large diameter disc brakes and anti dive front suspension for maximum braking power. The fuel-injected twin cylinder four stroke inline 505cc petrol engine offers power, economy (an average of 65mpg) and low emissions and night driving is aided by twin beam halogen lamps. Motorists can choose from six colours.

Microcar MC1/MC2

The MC1 and MC2 were launched in the UK in April 2004 and November 2006 respectively. In 2008, a limited edition ‘Highland’ was introduced with roof rails and distinctive front end rear bumpers.

Available with either petrol (Lombardini) or diesel (Yanmar) engines, drivers could choose between a two seat and four seat (long wheel base) version. Driving the Microcar was intended to be an economical experience with the vehicles claiming to be able to average 75mpg. This did not come at the expense of performance with the MC1 and MC2 enjoying a top speed of 72mph. Virgo models (diesel and petrol) were introduced into the UK between 2000 and 2004 before being replaced by the MC1.

Licence Groups permitted to drive Microcar

(information from www.micro-car.co.uk)

  • Group ‘A’ (old group category D) motor cycle category minimum age 17.
  • Group B1 (old group category C) motor tricycle / quadricycles.
  • Group B car category manual or auto.
  • Learner car drivers provisional with ‘B’ at 17 years or after (accompanied).
  • Learner motor cycle drivers provisional with ‘A’ at 17 years or after (mat drive on ‘L’ plates accompanied).
  • A motor cycle ‘A’ provisional licence holder does not require Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) since the Microcar has four wheels.
  • Motor cycle ‘A’ category licence holders may take their car ‘B’ test using Microcar. A ‘B’ automatic licence will be issued.
  • A provisional licence for Microcar (four wheels) does not require reviewing after two years.

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