The Aixam vehicles we are able to provide a quote for include:

Aixam 500.5

This automatic Aixam car, the successor to the pioneering Aixam 300 and Aixam 400, has four seats, an accessible boot and is fitted with a Kubota engine offering quieter driving experience. Subjected to the same road safety tests customarily reserved for conventional cars and having been road-tested by Mobility News, the Aixam 500.5 is made almost entirely from recyclable products.

Aixam 751

The two seater Aixam 751 benefits from halogen lights, improved hearting and an engine from the respected Kubota firm. Interior touches include an brand new ergonomic steering wheel and re-designed gear knob all surrounded by a soft touch interior.

Aixam Crossline

The Aixam Crossline has a rugged appearance, in a choice of 5 colours, which conceals the largest interior in its class and a spacious boot. The automatic Crossline can reach over 70mph but still produces excellent fuel economy. Made largely from recyclable parts, a safety cage provides peace of mind – as does 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. For the particularly adventurous, GT and GTR versions are available.

Aixam Roadline

The new four seat Aixam Roadline, with its 14″ alloys, offers improved ride and handling with reversing sensors assisting with parking the vehicles. A choice of two engines, the Lombardini Petrol engine and an uprated 600cc Kubota Diesel bolster engine torque and performance. A top speed of 70mph combined with up to 65mpg and a range of 200 miles make this the ideal city car.

Commercial Vehicles

Through MEGA vehicles, Aixam also offer a wide range of commercial vehicles and insurance for the MEGA Van, Drop-side, Tipper, Chassis Cab, Pick Up and Multitruck is available from P F Spare Insurance Brokers.

Other Vehicles

We insure all Aixam vehicles, including Aixam MAC, Aixam Berlines, Aixam Minivan, Aixam Pick-up, Aixam Microcar and the Scouty R.

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