Choosing an Insurance Broker

You are likely already aware that an insurance broker may help you find a better deal, navigate complicated coverage options and give you peace of mind with impartial advice. Here are no less than ten reasons why we think you should choose P F Spare for your personal and commercial insurance needs.

  1. Impartial Advice: We can offer access to a range of products and insurers and offer impartial advice. Unlike direct insurers, we are not tied to any one company and act as your agent.
  2. Expertise: We can use our knowledge and experience to highlight areas of cover you may not have considered.
  3. Plain English:  We convey information about any insurance policy you have with us in plain language and make sure any optional extras or exclusions are not hidden.
  4. Risk Management: Brokers play a key role in risk management and can help you ensure your circumstances are presented to insurers in the right way.
  5. Selecting the Right Insurer: Although it is impossible to guarantee each and every claim will run perfectly, as a family business we can safely say that we would only arrange your insurance with an insurer we would use ourselves.
  6. Value: We use the term value rather than price. If price alone is your sole motivation, there will, quite honestly, often be a cheaper quotation quotation out there – perhaps from an unrated insurer, perhaps not, perhaps covering everything you require, perhaps not. However, if value for money is more important to you then you’re in the right place.
  7. Tailored Communication: We are flexible and prompt in communication, available face-to-face, by email or on the phone.
  8. Access to Advice and Service: We will provide a package of ongoing support, monitoring your coverage limits and policy terms.
  9. Claims Support: We can provide advice and guidance should a claim arise and work with you to achieve a fair settlement.
  10. Peace of Mind: Entrusting your insurance to P F Spare means you can be safe in the knowledge that we will work continuously to secure the best insurance deal for you.