Aviva’s First UK Claims Report Debunks Claim Myth

Aviva is urging fellow UK insurers to join them in debunking the myth that insurance does not pay and to do more to explain how insurance claims work.

The consumer research commissioned by Aviva shows that 55% of consumers believe insurers will always try to avoid paying claims if they can.
Aviva’s Claims Report, however, shows that in 2017 the insurer accepted 96% of insurance claims made by individual and business customers in the UK, paying out more than £3.6 billion in cash settlements and services – equivalent to more than £10 million every single day, or £7, 000 every minute.

By way of example, every year about 120, 000 vehicles are repaired through Aviva car insurance – almost enough to fill every lane on the M25 motorway – and enough carpet is replaced through home insurance claims to cover 11 football pitches.

Nearly one million Aviva customer claims were accepted last year across motor, home, travel, protection, health and commercial business insurance.
If you’re wondering as to the reasons why 4% of all the claims it received could not be paid these are also shared in the report (downloadable from Aviva’s website). Read the report in full and you’ll also learn about case studies from customers as well as frontline employees, illustrating how its claims approach is about more than just providing financial support.
Aviva continue to encourage customers to:

• be clear on their policy terms before they purchase, and
• work closely with their insurer and broker to provide full information about their circumstances, as needed.

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