First Year DIY Disasters for New Homeowners

Spilt paint, burst pipes and plaster falling off walls are amongst the most common DIY disasters encountered by new housebuyers, according to research from Aviva.

A study of around 1,000 recent home-movers found that people spent on average more than £10,000 in the first year doing up their new properties with none out of ten of those surveyed trying to carry out the work themselves.

However 39% of these admitted to a DIY disaster while doing up their new home and worse still, when things went wrong, more than half of DIY-ers (54%) had to call in a professional to put right their mistakes.
The most common DIY disasters revealed by the study are as follows:

  • Spilled paint on carpet / furniture
  • Plaster fell off walls
  • Burst pipe
  • Put a hole through wall / ceiling
  • Injured self
  • Did a poor job of decorating and had to re-do
  • Ceiling fell down
  • Broke a window
  • Broke an electrical item e.g. TV
  • Broke a household item e.g. ornament / furniture
  • When arranging home insurance for our customers we do recommend accidental damage cover which, subject of course to the terms and conditions of the policy, will respond to several of the misadventures described above. Contact us today to see if we can increase the level of cover protecting your property without increasing the price!