Driving in Europe: Top Tips

Courtesy of Allianz Insurance, with this weekend set to be one of the busiest of the year on our roads, we’re sharing a selection of matters to think about if you’re driving with your car into Europe over the coming weeks.

Ten Tips for Driving in Europe

1. Sevice your vehicle, plus any trailer you may be towing
2. Familiarise yourself with local driving laws, print off a summary of speed limits and other basics for each country
3. Check the local requirements for safety equipment in your car. Most countries require you to carry a warning triangle, a reflective jacket, first aid kit and spare bulbs
4. Put a GB sticker on the back of your car and don’t forget you’re legally required to adjust your headlamp alignment in Europe so as not to dazzle other drivers.
5. Have all useful paperwork including your driving licence and insurance documentation to hand
6. Check your tyre pressure and oil and coolant levels every couple of days
7. Ensure your sat nav is loaded with up-to-date maps for countries you will be visiting
8. Buy an atlas for the area you’re visiting
9. Take a spare set of car keys with you, but keep them separate from your other car keys at all times
10. Ensure luggage and cargo are packed sensibly – a small amount of thought can save you a lot of roadside rummaging

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